Retailers selling fast-moving consumer goods must continually search for ways to differentiate their banners in a crowded marketplace. While price is certainly a critical element in defining the retailer’s competitive position, price alone will not build a loyal consumer base. Price transparency, driven largely by digitally-savvy millennials, is forcing retailers to re-evaluate their shopper-value equation. Willard Bishop helps retailers develop and refine their competitive stance by analyzing its proprietary shopper database, which includes more than 2 billion transactions and 60 million households. Willard Bishop then extracts actionable insights to help retailers optimize assortment, develop integrated pricing and promotion strategies, and implement in-store and out-of-store programs that actualize the retailer’s brand, and communicate the desired shopper-value equation to targeted consumers.

Shopper-Based Analytics
Helping retailers increase market share by providing insights that connect their competitive platforms and services to their shoppers’ behaviors and decisions.

Private Label Programming
Positioning private label strategies to differentiate the retailer’s banner in terms of assortment, pricing, merchandising, and packaging.