The SuperStudy™ eCommerce is industry’s first comprehensive study of online grocery shopping. The SuperStudy™ eCommerce, which is delivered via annual subscription, provides actionable insights into the value of eCommerce programs, particularly in the areas of financial metrics, category performances, and shopper behaviors. Applications and features include:

General Learning/Financial Metrics

  • Overview of eCommerce economics
  • How orders vary by program type
  • What’s working, not working
  • How assortment impacts program success
  • Implications for the future of online grocery shopping

Category Performances

  • Insights into what’s selling online
  • Visibility into the performance of every category
  • Sales and profit benchmarks by week, order, household and unit
  • Detailed review of eCommerce Activity-Based Costs

Shopper Behaviors

  • Peek into how consumers are shopping for groceries online
  • Understanding of online shopper engagement levels
  • View into basket composition and category penetration rates by eCommerce program

To learn more about the SuperStudy™ eCommerce, please contact Paul Weitzel at or at 847-756-3717.