The SuperStudy™ C-Store is a benchmarking and basket analysis tool used to improve decision making, and for developing fact-based performance initiatives. The SuperStudy™ C-Store includes all key packaged goods and food service categories, as well as sub-categories, across three leading c-store chains.

Subscribers use the system to analyze their business from a total store perspective, and to extract key financial data that is used in category management initiatives. The SuperStudy™ C-Store provides insights into how specific segments are performing at retail and provides critical financial insights that are not available from traditional syndicated data providers. Applications and features enable subscribers to:

  • See adjusted gross margin and other profitability data
  • Benchmark products against the category
  • Analyze the performance of emerging categories and segments
  • Evaluate company contribution to retailer profitability

To learn more about the SuperStudy™ C-Store, please contact Jackie Gray at or at 847-756-3718.