Re-posted with permission from Progressive Grocer | By Paul Weitzel Consider this scenario: Your competitor just launched a promo offering an aggressive price point for online purchases. And for even greater savings, they offer a super-aggressive price point if the shopper signs up for their... View Post
    Re-posted with permission from Supermarket News | By Craig Rosenblum In our industry, we continually strive to optimize every square foot of selling space — believing it’s the most important area. I did too until John Hegarty, founder of Hegarty Advertising, caused me to... View Post
The Consumer is King There are two kinds of retailers − Those that clearly understand that the consumer is calling the shots; and those that soon will. Changes in the marketplace are occurring at unprecedented rates. In fact, change has become so pervasive that many retailers are opting to... View Post
Growth in price oriented formats such as supercenters, warehouse stores (DeMoulas Market Basket, WinCo Foods, Woodman’s Markets), and limited-assortment stores (Aldi, Price Rite) continue to outpace traditional formats. In response to this growth, supermarket executives continue to beef-up their... View Post
The CPG manufacturers’ most strategic growth initiative is often new product introductions. The industry, faced with stagnant sales, is gearing up for an unprecedented number of new item introductions. As illustrated below, new items introductions jumped by 13% in 2013 and double-digit increases... View Post
CPG manufacturers, many trying to finalize their budgets for the upcoming year, are struggling to quantify the resources and investments needed to build an integrated digital strategy.  While the consumer is clearly driving the digital revolution, current eCommerce penetration in the CPG industry... View Post