AD-IN improves margins by more than 8%, even on TPRs,
while increasing traffic by more than 1%.

Finger Balancing Blocks with Bullet Points

Ad Balancing by Willard Bishop

Ad Balancing is the practice of aligning ad circulars (front page and inside pages) and TPRs with shopper behaviors, in order to maximize productivity as defined by the retailers’ strategic objectives.

AD-IN™ uses advanced analytics for balancing and optimizing ads based on margin, traffic, and basket size. These item-level analytics, insights, and recommendations are applied across all departments including center-store, produce, meat, bakery, and deli. Similar performance-based analytics are also used for optimizing TPRs.

AD-IN™ is a rapid time-to-value solution delivered through an ASP (application service provider) model. This approach enables retailers to start earning a return on their investment in as little as 100 days. Benefits include:

  • Aligned work flows for minimal disruption
  • Easy to use, intuitive user interface does drain merchants’ valuable time
  • ASP model minimizes IT requirements
    • No software to purchase
    • No hardware to purchase
    • No maintenance requirements
    • Weekly report publication schedule
  • Full merchant support provided by Willard Bishop
  • Ongoing support and oversight to ensure optimal use and value

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AD-IN Case Study

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